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Spray foam insulation was originally created in 1953 by Walter Baughman. It was primarily used for military applications where it was instrumental in insulating submarines. But a lot has changed since then. You may have heard of Spray Foam Insulation more recently since new developments in the manufacture and application of foam insulate has revolutionized the insulation Industry.

Today, spray foam for insulation purposes is used in millions of homes across Ontario, the country and around the world because it is has proven to be the most effective tool in sealing cracks, reducing moisture and preventing heat loss.

It is made from two chemicals which react when mixed together and expand up to 60 times the liquid volume once applied together. Polyol resins are commonly used in adhesives, sealants, inks, paints, and many common types of coatings. While Isocyanates are often found in paints, varnishes, in your car to dampen noise and used in auto body repair. Our products are all mixed right here in Ontario.

Professional Application

They say that “The devil is in the details”, and when it comes to spray foam insulation, that is doubly so. In other words, it may appear to be a simple process, but spraying foam takes a deft touch and eye for detail if it is to be done well and stand the test of time.

Like most things, a professional spraying foam can make it look easy. What you might miss is how they avoid over-spray, how they spend a little more time at the joists or how they slow down just a little around electrical outlets and window frames. When it comes to your home or commercial property, be sure to find a contractor who is detail oriented with a steady hand.

Airtight is one of the best Spray Foam Insulation applicators in Ontario. Unlike DIY, we ensure a proper seal of every single joint and crack to guarantee a solid vapor barrier and reduce the cost of your home comfort.

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